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Need help with customised Ad:Tech Integrations, Tag Strat. + Management, Data warehousing, wrangling, governance or hygiene?

We know Data, it's APIs, the systems that connect to it, how to store, transform, join and move it. We even know the business stakeholders that own and use it.

So if you need to make Data happen, we're the team to do it.

Data Warehousing + ETL Experts

We work hard to provide robust API integrations so you have the richest possible dataset available at your fingertips. Frequently the dataset we provide to you is more accurate and more complete than the dataset available if you queried the data provider directly.


API integrations require multiple requests for the same dataset according to different views. The VizDynamics platform pre-processes and cleans up the data from each request, then applies machine-learning based joins to merge the queries into a single extracted dataset, ready for transformation.


Once extracted, we map the dataset’s schema onto a single unified data structure use ours or design your own. Using one data structure ensures both our team and yours can build dashboards + reports, descriptive analyses and predictive models that cut across multiple data providers, thus delivering true cross-channel marketing analytics.


The final step is to load the transformed dataset into the data warehouse so you can perform anything-by-anything styled queries, either via the VizDynamics web site, our Desktop BI URL Endpoint, your own Elastic Search instance or your own on-prem cloud or database environment.

Major API IntegrationS

We have on hand pre-built API integrations into most major media platforms and can quickly spin up VMs that will ETL the data into our data warehouse or into your data lake - you decide, we make it happen.

Paid Media

Owned Media

Earned/Shared Media

Cloud + On Prem.

At least 80% of Data science is the heavy lifting required to prepare Data.

Engaging us brings know-how to your Data prep. that will save countless hours of re-learning the little things from first principles.

With more than a decade of experience, we can engage at every stage of the Data science life cycle, and are just as comfortable talking to business + marketing stakeholders as we are with the tech team.

From the geniuses in the trenches right up to the CEO. We can deal in infinitely complex detail then simplify that detail to it's very essence in a language and with documentation standards that are tailored to each audience.

Don't waste your precious time repetitively re-running analyses, cross-checking data then revising SOWs + requirements docs. Spend more time on what really matters: interpreting insights.

Because we really do know Data.

Adobe Experience Cloud Experts
Single view analytics suite across multiple web properties
Tightly integrated testing platform for A/B testing of content
Audience Manager
Industry leading DMP for customer segmentation enablement
Experience Manager
AI based CMS delivers responsive, relevant + social content

Marketing Cloud Visitor ID
Enterprise-level customer view cookie

We're your team of Data scientists here to solve your
marketing + operational challenges.