Data Scientists
On Demand

Need experienced data scientists to fill a gap in your team?

We’re experts in providing the right people to:

Help you analyse ‘curly’ data

Provide useful insights

Do your data cleaning grunt work

Your scalable data science team

Our years spent working in the data game has taught us a thing or two about finding the right data scientists and analysts for long- and short-term staffing needs. We’ve placed teams in business of all shapes and sizes: banks, government organisations all the way through to boutique agencies. It’s not a one-size fits all not, which is why we don’t play outside of field of expertise. Our experienced and qualified pool of data scientists will be individually matched to your business’ operations and project needs.

You’ll receive:

A dedicated account manager to assess your requirements

All data scientists are thoroughly screened, tested and vetted by our team including the necessary police and reference checks

Oversight by a senior data scientist to help refine project requirements

Access to our full-time CS lab staff you can call on if your squad hits any roadblocks

A project debriefing from a senior data scientist once your project has been completed

Competitive rates

On Site Data-Science Squads

Data science is not only about statistics and computer science. To really make a difference, we combine your years of business judgement with our decades of experience with informatics by working on site with you to design dashboards, build models and ETL your data to fit.

Combine your vast years of business acumen and domain knowledge with our decades of informatics experience
Keep your data safe by operating in-house or have complete flexibility with our pop-up CS labs
We supply equipment, or we can use yours
Learn new techniques by working alongside fresh new minds

Our data scientists work collaboratively on-site with you to help you think outside the box and solve big data problems together.

Credentials Checked

To give you peace of mind, all our On-Demand Computer Scientists & Lab Staff have completed a rigorous due-diligence process. In addition to the standard on-boarding (Employment Contracts, Super Choice, TFN, banking details, emergency contacts), we also conduct the following checks:

DVS based checks

Identity Verification
Police Checks
Right to work in Australia

Financial Probity

ASIC Banned & Disqualified persons
Anti-Money laundering checks
Bankruptcy Checks

Interview Process

Reference checks
University & TAFE qualification verification
In-house technical examinations

Optionally, we can provide pre-employment medicals, psych testing and random drug & alcohol testing if the role requires it.

and Backed up by our CS LabS

Our On-Demand Data Scientist Service isn’t limited to sourcing best of breed talent for your next data science project. Our Computer Science (CS) labs are manned by MSc., MEng and pHD staff that are ready to assist you if things get difficult and have decades of experience applying statistical methods and computational techniques. Our chief data scientist alone has over 20 years of experience overseeing and providing much needed assistance to data science teams.

Together we work with you as an agile squad that can:

Help clean and prepare your Data for analysis
Model your existing business knowledge
Write ETL and analysis scripts in almost any language
Offer advice along the way as you need it
Produce visualisations + dashboards in most BI platforms
Mine datasets to uncover the new insights you need