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at VizDynamics

We aren’t new kids on the block…

we have been tinkering behind the scenes on data infrastructure, operations and marketing projects for over a decade. Our long-term success is because we deliver actionable data + insights to our clients. Every. Single. Day.

The Vizards @ VizDynamics

Whether it is ensuring a client gets a super speedy response, delivering super-clean, impeccable data that they can 100% trust or producing an insight that can deliver a big cost saving: it all adds up to pursuing excellence.  

It’s about believing, and living, the knowledge that:  

- Little things count towards a big difference

- Precision repeated creates strong results (processes and governance might not be ‘sexy’, but they are the foundations of a solid house)

- Continuous improvement makes us stronger: we tweak, tidy and improve at every chance

- While maths and science are our natural habitat, we solve problems by approaching from all sorts of weird and wonderful angles

That’s why we have an enviable reputation for beingMelbourne’s premier Data Scientists working with leading Australian brands tosolve problems in their operations, security and marketing spheres.

Our teams are geared to:

- Creating value for our clients

- Connecting with our stakeholders

- Being in tune with and anticipating client needs

- Building solutions to drive clients’ profitability and growth

- Learning and growing from both mistakes and successes

- Taking ownership, being accountable and following through

If you can’t go over the wall, go around it or under it. Find a way.

Learning and development

One thing about learning is you are never ‘finished’.  Similarly, with professional development.Full-time employees are reimbursed with our education program when they attend a professional conference or take courses to develop new skills within their career.

Our company culture

At Viz, we’re about creating a culture of excellence and a fun place to work with a highly efficient and engaged team that loves working together.

We attract and retain smart, diligent people. Our talented, enthusiastic team generates positive outcomes every day.

We love having an open, collaborative approach that encourages innovation, passion and performance.

Our people thrive on challenging work. They know their area of expertise’ inside out, then they take the ball and run with it.

Carve out your place at Viz

Did you know that high achievers get the best results when they ‘own’ their role? We’ve built a culture to help you carve a role that meets your needs.

Here are few ways we help our people:

- Incentives for high achievers. Do more, earn more. Let your results do the talking.

- Flexible work hours. What works for you? We’ll try hard to make it work.

- Casual work environment. No stuffed shirts here. Everyday is casual Friday.

- In-building gym that you can use during the work day. Because your health is important.

- Team building events. Work together, play together.

- Giving back program. Support the community. Make a positive difference.

Want to join us? Regardless of your level, if you have an ongoing interest in data science or analysis, apply any time by emailing your resume and a note on why you think you would be a good fit to